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80 Series Landcruiser 4200 Turbo Intercooler - Black

Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser 4200 Turbo Side Stickers

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Here we have 2 versions of the Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser 4200 Turbo side stickers, seen on the rear quarter panels below the side vents at the D pillars.

These come as a pair, there are 2 variants, the "A" version says INTERCOOLER below the 4200 and the "B" version says ELECTRONIC DIRECT INJECTION .

These are resin printed and laminated on clear polymeric vinyl, contour cut to shape, similar to the way they were designed on the originals.

Black print for lighter vehicles, silver for darker vehicles and gold for either. The silver and gold is a real metallic resin, and has reflection and shinyness, the metallic is a matt style.

Polymeric clear with clear application tape

Resin and metallic