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Boxer Beauty JDM Small 8cm Sticker Silver/Grey

Boxer Beauty STI Style Clear Stickers (Assorted)

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Thanks in advance!

Boxer Beauty stickers are free with all orders, you will get a small assortment, for your tailgate, your quarter panel, your cell phone, your monitor, anywhere you like,.

If you want to buy specific sizes and styles, see the options here, these are printed in the same high quality manner as all our other stickers, on high quality 5 year polymeric clear vinyl with amazing UV white backed high build prints.

We appreciate the help, remember all profits at Boxer Beauty go toward our Subaru's and contribute to their restoration and maintenance.

We are here to help out, we want that to happen for you, if we can manufacture stickers or garments or promotional items for you, your club or your business please let us know.

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A few sizes here to choose from.

Clear vinyl, 5-7y