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SVX Stripe Charcoal Story Vinyl Black Text

SVX Stripe Story OEM Vinyl Style Reproduction Sticker Set (3 stickers)

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These are a set of reproductions of the SVX stripe "story" stickers for your sides, on or above the moulding in front of your back wheel, and under the brake light on the tail section. Done in the original design on white vinyl with colour bleeding.

These are an affordable alternative to the white back clear versions. See here:

These are a full set for your car.

These will look good on ANY SVX.

Note: Gold is not a metalic gold, but a simulated gold as seen in the original OEM version, a kind of mustard.

These stickers are an almost PERFECT match to the originals in a different size.

Polymeric white vinyl with clear laminate 5y


2x 330 x 110mm
And Small 145 x 50mm