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G1S1 Legacy RS TURBO 4WD Quarter Panel Decals - Pair

G1S1 Legacy RS TURBO 4WD Quarter Panel Decals - Pair

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These are homage to the original Series 1 RS logo motif and utilise the TURBO 4WD in a selection of Red or Pink with Silver or Gun Metal metallic vinyl, made with coloured 5 year vinyl decals with a style as seen on the SUBARU 1st generation Legacy models.

These are virtually identical in size to what was found originally on AUDM RS TURBO Liberty/Legacy from the dealerships in the early 90s. These would go well on any Turbo GT, or any GT Legacy.

Can be used anywhere, not just quarter panels.

(Rectangle on edge of the sticker can be removed after install)

Boxer Beauty Understanding Sticker and Decal Differences

Cut coloured vinyl, 5-7y vinyl



100 x 40mm