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Custom Flip-Flop Thongs

Custom Promotional Thongs

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Custom Flip Flops, Double Pluggers, Thongs

Can you imagine how cool it would be for your mates to drop by and when they get their car serviced or buy some upgrades you offer them a pair of double pluggers?

Yes, we can put anything you desire on the base, and we have many sizes to choose from, let us know what you need and buy the Custom item and contact us via the contact page or email to discuss.

Multiple Sizes Available. Contact us for more information.

Wholesale Prices Available for 20 or more.

Kid Sizes S, 17.5cm - Euro 29
M, 19.5cm - Euro 31
L, 23.5cm - Euro 37
Adult Sizes

S, 25cm - Euro 39

M, 27cm - Euro 43

L, 29cm - Euro 48
XL, 30.5cm - Euro 50