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XT and XT6 (Vortex) Alcyone Metallic (Resin) Halftone Sticker/Decals

Color: Side Pair 4WD TURBO - Silver

These are the XT 'halftone' or 'linetone' logo pairs, tailgates and full sets for the sides of and trunk of the the inimitible XT and XT6, Vortex and Alcyone. These are the 4WD TURBO versions.

Very common on most XTs vehicles, these are a very precise and accruate version of the originals.

You will see we have 2 types, the colours of the UV versions imitate the metallic appearance of the originals and are in a listing to come.

These resin versions have a very good looking silver metallic appearance very close to the originals. Printed on clear polymeric material expect 5-10 years with good care.

There are many combinations so we suggest you look closely as there are meny ways to generate the result you need, Subaru had many many different combinations of these, such as 4WD TURBO XT (this listing), TURBO XT and 4WD XT, yes, all manner of combos can be found in the literature and in the wild! The additional variants will be listed on other listings.

Black and silver versions and gold and black versions are coming.

These come with application tape contact for more info if needed.