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Brumby/Brat/MV Tailgate 1800

Brumby/Brat/MV 1800 4WD Tailgate Sticker

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This is a metallic version if the 1800 4WD Brumby/Brat sticker/badge seen on the lower left tailgates of all later gen Brumbys, and similar to the Brat badges.

These are a metallic polyurethane, with a clear gloss laminate, are layered with white and coloured vinyl lettering for the 3D look. Exact size and design to originals. Other colours available on request.

Various colours and styles now available and stocked, soon I will add a custom option but most of what is sought should be available except colours.

Also see our Brumby/Brat banners, will update soon, contact us if you need more details).

Many thanks to one of our faithful customers Callum from NSW for the awesome pic of his new Brumby tailgate sticker applied next to the tired old one!


Mylar polyurethane, calendared vinyls and cast laminate


Approx 160mm x 90mm