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XT and XT6 (Vortex) Alcyone Rear Tail Stripe Kits

Color: Charcoal

These are the amazing and absolutely perfect replica XT 'halftone' stripe kits for the tail and trunks of the absolutely inimitible XT and XT6. Vortex and Alcyone.

You will see we have 3 of the OEM colours as well some additions, like a gold and a red. The white was first seen on the XT6 but is no different in layout to that used on the XTs, the red was once seen on an advert for an XT in a magazine, we would LOVE to see someone replicate that unit!

Comes with a long rear trunk strip that matches to the 2 side pieces that wrap perfectly around the tail corners, it is asymetrical, so make sure the trunk strip is put on the right way up!

These are done on high quality polymeric with the same (difficult to achieve) halftone pattern that is clear through the small holes, yes, you will be hard pressed to find these EVER replicated to this degree! We even have the halftone follow the same profile as the sides just as they were in the originals!

These would have been incredibly expensive and complicated to produce for Subaru in the 1980s and were done with screenprinting, this process is prohibitively expensive so they are now done with digital printing, and we have replicated the original process to the best possible degree, some 'moire' is visible and unavoidable, we are sure you will be pleased.

These come with application tape and have excess on all ends for either wrapping or triming on the edge of the panels where the overlap the panel gaps.

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