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WRX GC8/GF8 Type R and Type RA Rear Tail Panel Stickers


These are reproduction of the WRX Type R and Type RA panel stickers seen under the tailight on the RHS, these are clear vinyl and resin metallic printed, and clear laminated and have a clear application/spacing tape.

There appear to be 2 known sizes found in the wild a small version and the standard larger version.

These would go well on any 2 door coupe and or Subaru RA vehicle.

These are extremely accurate reproduction of the originals and would be hard to separate from the original in both execution, size and design.

Polymeric clear laminated,

Resin Metallic



Type R - 75 x 25mm
Type RA - 100 x 25mm


Type R - 50 x 20mm
Type RA - 90 x 20mm