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SVX EG-33 Vinyl Sticker Sets - 3 Designs - Flat 6 - Boxer 6 (3 stickers)


These are a set of SVX EG-33 with our novel design for the famous and amazing EG-33 of the beautiful SVX, these stickers are for your sides on or above the moulding in front of your back wheel, and under the brake light on the tail section.

Printed on white vinyl.

These are a full set for your car.

These will look good on ANY SVX.

Note: Gold is not a metalic gold, but a simulated gold as seen in the original OEM version, a kind of mustard.

These stickers are a novel Boxer Beauty design.

Polymeric white vinyl with clear laminate 5y


2x 210 x 85mm
And Small 210 x 50mm