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STI GC8/GF8 Impreza WRX Fog Decals Gun Metal Text

Subaru GC8/GF8 Gen 1 STI Fog Light Decals (pair)

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These are pairs of decals of the STI with SUBARU TECNICA INTERNATIONAL for most GC8/GF8 Gen 1 fog covers.

These may or may not be suitable for other models, please contact us if you need your fogs reproduced.

Each colour has positioning blocks that are removed after install, on each side. Ridged V1 fog covers are not the same distancing and are aligned by sight.

The all white is a slightly different design and layout to the 2 colour versions.

22b versions come with alignment blocks that are discarded after install.

5 year calandered vinyl, Mactac and Avery


STI 125 x 45mm

Text 140 x 16mm

Overall 140 x 95mm

Single Colour: 150 x 65mm