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SS TURBO Boot Decals (metallic)


These are a treatment of the RS TURBO boot stickers with SS as is the designation in the USA or USDM SUBARU Turbo Legacy.

These are VINYL CUT VERSIONS, these are virtually identical in size and design as to what was found originally with your AUDM RS Liberty from the dealerships in the early 90s.

There are 3 variants, a solid "TURBO" version and two different lined versions, they have either the thicker lines or the thinner lines, but the lines as seen in the original printed versions are impossible to reproduce in vinyl cut versions, they would not be durable enough on a vehicle in the weather.

NOTE: Thick line versions will not be available after sold out.

Choose the metallic look in silver for dark cars and Mica, the gun metal for white or lighter coloured vehicles (Eg. champagne), and if you want something a bit different, get gold for virtually any vehicle, but especially carmine and mica , and you can even order single colour sets in the various colours, stay tuned as may more colours will become available.

Cut vinyl 5-7year

280 x 30mm