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RS TURBO RWD Door Story Sticker/Decal Printed - Pair

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This is a PAIR of reproduction Subaru Liberty RS TURBO story stickers SAYING RWD!

These were for a few owners that had modified their usually CONSTAND 4WD to REAR WHEEL DRIVE so are suitable for your custom ride! They say "CONSTANT RWD" instead of "CONSTANT 4WD"

These are as seen on the rear doors for AUDM Liberty RS TURBO vehicles, more colours coming soon.

These can be used on any white vehicles, these are Black Digital versions and are suitable ONLY FOR WHITE VEHICLES. If you need some for another color contact us and we can prepare some for you.

These are a very accurate reproduction sticker in design and size and would be difficult to tell apart from the originals.


HAVE NOT LOADED PICTURES - but other than the writing saying RWD they are identical to the usual story stickers as pictured.


Polymeric clear vinyl with polymeric laminate coating.

Latex (Black Digital)

Size is 655mm x 10mm