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Rex CLOVER FOUR Tailgate Stickers 2 Types and 2 Styles


This is a reproduction of the rear tailgate model designation stickers for the Rex Super Charged versions with the CLOVER 4 supercharged motor. These are done to exact specifications, with exact contour cuts and very accurate style to the orginals.

We have 2 types and 2 Styles, a metallic resin version and a white backed mimic, the resin metallic versions are very accurate to the originals, with shiny metallic effect.

Each of the original styles is designed for different duco colours, please observe closely the differences, the LIGHT versions are suitable for darker duco or paint colours, the DARK versions are for light paint, please take time to be sure of your required type and what will suit.

These stickers are an almost PERFECT match to the originals.

(Please note artifacts in the print for the Resin metallics are not visible on production versions)

Polymeric clear with clear laminate 5y

Resin Metallic and UV

100 x 45mm