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RS-ZERO Polyester

RAYS Engineering Reproduction Internal Wheel Barrel Stickers

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Here we have accurately reproduced RAYS Engineering code stickers seen on the inside of the wheel of various RAYS wheels. These are a very accurate representation, sometimes seen in vinyl, mostly seen as polyester/metallic.

This is the polyester/mettalic listing, vinyl is available on request.

These become deteriorated over time, so you can refresh your wheel barrels with these after refurb/repainting.

Note: these are not for labelling fake rims, if you have genuine rims and you need to have a replica made due to damage to the sticker we can do that for you if you choose the custom item, just select and add a note at checkout of the details, like diameter, width, PCR, offset and rim profile, if you have your serial we can replicate the barcode as well. If you just need them for looks on your wheel and only need the offset and PCD details updated, send us an email we can look it over, but most common sizes we have listed here in stock.

 Rays Engineering Wheel Dates Guide to Details

Comes with 4 stickers these are a very good reproduction.

NEW! We now can supply a set of 4 JAWA stickers with your set, choose the late, or the early version, or none if you only need the 4x RAYS stickers in a set.

Soon these will be divided into their own listing, please provide photos of your JAWA stickers to match.

Metallic Polyester


85 x 50mm
70 x 32mm

JAWA Stickers:
30 x 65mm