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EA71 MY and Brumby Engine Stickers and Sets


These are reproductions of the EA71 metallic stickers seen on the early flat 4 seen in Leone and Brumby and Brat series Subarus, also available are the vinyl under bonnet stickers designated "P". These stickers are a must for any vehicle restoration or for anyone who needs to just make it all readable again.

Clear laminated for protection.

These are extremely accurate reproduction of the originals and would be hard to separate from the original in both execution, size and design.

Much thanks to one of our amazing customers Mat from NZ who gave us these pics of the stickers installed.

Air Filter Set has: 3x stickers, 1x Caution Air Cleaner instructions for filter, 2x Summer and Winter versions, 1 colour for recent models, and a black only version seen on earlier models.

Full set includes side and the Oil for the filler cap and the Tune "P' sticker.

Now we have added the "95" version which is an updated version of the "P" tune-up sticker.

Mylar foil clear laminated, printed with Latex