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JDM Brand Gen 1 Windscreen Banners


These are pre cut and printed JDM brand windscreen banners with heaps of designs ready to place, they are the perfect fit for your Gen 1 Liberty or Legacy.

These are printed on air-release polymeric vinyl with latex inks so can last up to 3 years outside with minimal wear or deterioration. The Decal versions are either 1 or 2 colour vinyls and are to be applied with water, and are only the size and shape of the grey outline.

Banners are not laminated and have a nice matte finish, these are very flexible so must be installed in shade to prevent stretching in sunlight.

We have RS TURBO, SS TURBO and GT LEGACY designs also on the site, as well as many many others, please contact us if you are after a particular design. Use the custom version for a banner with your club or logo, artwork is included in the banner price (within reason, contact to discuss).


Best method for sticker banners is a hinge with tape down the centre and cut off half of the backing, starting from the centre outwards, then lift to do the other side. Alternatively they can be done from one side and carefully ran across with a rag or card, but may lead to more stretching or distortion.

Decals should be applied with copious water and should be carefully carded and moved into position and allowed to dry before removing the application paper

Polymeric vinyl


Large Size is 1100mm x 210mm