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Custom Printed DTF A3 Film - 290mm x 400mm - Wholesale

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A3 DTF printed film sheets, you decide on the ganging (how many you can fit on a sheet) but be aware the 290mm and 400mm allows for proper handling, leave about 5mm between objects. Print area is 295 x 410 mm. Send your vectors as PDF or any finished artwork as RGB PNG with transparency channel at 360dpi. Black and white points should be 000 - 255.

We can do better prices for large backs or fronts if you are purchasing more 10+ volumes, we can edit your invoice to suit, let us know, we will soon have 400 x 500mm sheets for sale that may assist in certain prints and for better ganging. 

Please supply print ready artwork with transparency and proper sizing. Contact us for assistance, set up may incur an art fee of $25-50 depending on work required if artwork is not ready for print. Also please note the white choke you desire, otherwise we will decide.

Avoid too many small items less than 1mm in size, and very fine lines. Try to maintain 1mm or thicker lines. However if you look at the fine neck/size tags we have had good results even with 4pt text. Just be mindful of durability, and bleed at small scales.

For film that is to be applied to black garments we can supply your film with the black knocked out and we can remove the black areas from print to allow the black garment to shine through, this also reduces the size of the print and breaks up the printed area, making the garment feel softer, this also can apply to white areas in images for white shirts etc. but not as common. Doing this with other colours is possible, (eg. Reds or Yellows) depending on your logo and designs, If you can send artwork with the black removed be sure to choose the Black Garment version when ordering. If you want this done by us make sure all blacks in your designs are set to RGB 000. Black removal by RIP is good in almost all applications, but if there are soft fades or blends it can mess with the finished look.

Soft fades or blends don't come out the best with DTF and you are more suited to DTG, see our listing for custom printed shirts if your designs require a soft blend. DTF is much more durable and vibrant than DTG but these differences are something to consider depending on your design.

White Print only is for label tags and screen-printed white looks.

Your film should be stored in a dark cool dry place, use dessicants if available. Avoid rubbing the sheets together or a lot of handling before pressing, sandwhich the sheets with baking paper for durability. Drying the sheets before use can also help in avoiding water marks, which will genreally wash out first wash.

Press at 150° with mid to high pressure for 15-20 seconds, using a flat soft base or padding on a heat press, warm to cool peel and add a 2nd press with baking paper for 15 seconds.