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Brumby/Brat/Leone/Legacy/Liberty/Impreza Dual Range Shift/Selector Lever Cabin Sticker


This is the brushed metal cabin sticker advising the driver how to change the gearbox for dual range driving. The FULL TIME 4WD version is slightly different sizing as it is for the later Leone RX series. Japanese JDM version now available.

Multiple variations to choose from, be sure to apply the correct one!

Some more modern versions were seen in Legacy, Impreza and detailed thr Full Time 4WD or AWD system, some are for the later Leone gearboxes with dual range and Full Time 4WD.

These are extremely accurate reproduction of the originals and would be hard to separate from the original in both execution, size and design.


Brushed mylar foil, clear laminated, printed with Latex



60 x 35mm