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10 Must Have Stickers and Shirts For Your Subaru Or Club

Subie enthusiasts know that these cars are more than just a means of transportation – they are also a way of life. Whether you want to show off love for your Subaru or look for perfect gifts for Subaru fans in your life, well-placed stickers and shirts will work like a charm. 

We come with our top five picks among must-have Subaru stickers and shirts, but we'll also provide some tips on placement and care. So let's dive in!

Car Stickers

Subie Life

First up, the "Subie Life" sticker. It is a simple yet powerful way to show your love for the Subaru lifestyle. The sticker usually features the word "Subie" in a fun font, with "Life" written in a smaller font beneath it. 

There are many different variations available but, ultimately, it’s all about the message. Find the one that best fits your style and you can place it anywhere on your car. However, we always recommend the rear windshield for that show-off energy with these RS stickers.


Built Not Bought

Next, the "Built Not Bought" sticker. It’s a favorite among drivers who worked hard on building or restoring their Subaru. They wear this badge to let you know they made a work of art from scratch.

The sticker usually features the phrase "Built Not Bought" in bold letters with no distractions, but alternatives have a graphic of a wrench. Place this sticker on your bumper or windshield but make sure not to cover any vital safety features or block your view. Safety first!


I Heart Mountains

We love taking on long trips to nature and for a Subaru lover who also loves the great outdoors, the "I Heart Mountains" sticker is a must-have. This sticker usually features a simple graphic of a mountain range with the words "I Heart Mountains" written in a fun font. 

It's an obvious symbol that you're not limited to city roads and going off-road is your way of life too. You can place this sticker on your rear bumper for people to see, as we found it to be a great conversation starter.


Subaru Symmetrical AWD

All-wheel drive is what makes your Subie special and this makes the “Subaru  Symmetrical AWD” sticker a must-have too. It’s perfect for showing off your ride’s capabilities, usually featuring the Subaru logo and the words “Symmetrical AWD” beneath. 

It’s often flashy and some variations come in 3D even. The best place for this is on your rear windshield and we’ve seen it combined with the "I Heart Mountains" sticker for a complete 4x4 drive swag.


I'd Rather Be Driving My Subaru

Last but not least, the "I'd Rather Be Driving My Subaru" sticker. This sticker is a playful way to show your love for your Subaru and your disdain for traffic jams.

You can place this sticker on your rear windshield or rear bumper. When seen, it's sure to make other Subaru owners smile and you’ll get a honk here and there!


Expressing Yourself is A-OK

Adding a few well-placed RS stickers is a great way to express your love for Subaru and the lifestyle it represents. On top of what we have here, there are many other options to choose from when refurbishing your Subie. Make sure you consider style, placement, and care. Who knows, you might just convert someone to the lifestyle!



Classic Subaru Logo Tee

The classic Subaru logo tee is a must-have for any Subaru club member. It’s a simple yet powerful way to show your love for the brand. 

The tee usually features the Subaru logo in the center of the shirt with a clean, minimalist design. It’s perfect for any casual occasion and can be worn with just about anything.


Rally Inspired Tee

If you're into rally racing or just love the look of it, the rally-inspired tee is for you. 

It usually features a graphic design that pays homage to Subaru’s rally heritage, such as the classic blue and gold color scheme or the iconic Impreza WRX. Wear this tee to any Subaru car show or meet-up to show off your love for rally racing.


STI Performance Tee

For those who own an STI or simply admire its performance, the STI performance tee is a must-have. It usually features a graphic design that showcases the STI’s power and speed, such as a stylized image of the STI logo or a bold graphic of the car itself. This tee is perfect for track days or any event where speed is the name of the game.



JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) culture has a huge influence on the Subaru community. If you're a fan of JDM culture, the JDM tee is a must-have. 

It usually features a graphic design that showcases the JDM aesthetic, such as Japanese characters, kanji symbols, or Japanese landscapes. This tee is perfect for any JDM meet-up or event.


Subaru Outback Adventure Tee

For the Subaru Outback owners or anyone who loves to go on outdoor adventures, the Subaru Outback adventure tee is a must-have.

It usually features a graphic design that showcases the Outback's off-road capabilities, such as a graphic of the car on a mountain trail or a wilderness landscape. This tee is perfect for any outdoor adventure or camping trip.



And there you have it - our favorite stickers and shirts to showcase your Subaru pride. So go ahead and add some personality to your car and wardrobe with these must-have items. Let's keep the Subaru community spirit alive and show off our love for the brand wherever we go.

As you explore different ways to personalize and improve your Subaru, don't forget the importance of a solid restoration. Check out our Starter's Guide to Restoring Your Subie for all the details.