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Australian Subaru Under Bonnet ADR 

Australian Subaru Under Bonnet ADR "Australian Design Rules" sticker

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Australian Subaru ADR or "Australian Design Rules" under bonnet sticker.

This is a replica of the under bonnet ADR sticker found in many 80s and 90s era Subaru's, add if your freshly sprayed bonnet looks a little bare! Or if it's just worn away. Contour cut.

We have the Impreza and SVX size now listed which is SMALL.

The Standard size was seen on Liberty. Some were vinyl, some were metallic.

A new version is now listed that is seen on WRX GD and other later Liberty models, may also be seen on Forester.

Polymeric white vinyl, laminated clear, and metallic polyester option. 


90x75mm and Small 75x70mm and later model 75x60mm