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Rally Liveries

Color: Fluro Yellow

Introducing Rally Liveries!

Our selection of rally liveries is designed to fit various Subaru models, with more designs to be added soon.

We will showcase examples with customer rides, and will discuss further on our blog and social media the intracies and the details of the range.

If you require a reproduction or a specific element of a livery, please contact us at to discuss, we can help!

Note: we have provided for various material options, note these are NOT your typical eBay kits cut from some copy of a copy artwork. These are extensively researched and developed.

Most livery is done with a polymeric vinyl in race cars all across the world. Usually wet apply vinyl, but can be done dry if a person knows what they are doing. This vinyl requires an expert for installation, this is a high quality and typical vinyl as seen on most vehicles used in motorsport. Please only choose if you have a professional or know how to install with wet apply methods.

However in the past 10 years more and more wrap materials have become both easier to install (dry install) and better for people inexperienced in vinyl installation, these are teh "Cast" versions. Plus they last longer than polymerics and are more resiliant materials. The kit is predominately in the material chosen, some poly items may come as part of your cast kits, but the larger parts are cast.

Note the "Fluro Yellow" vinyl versions are stated by the manufacturer to last 3 years in Australian conditions, this generally only refers to the brightness of the fluroescence, Orafol is the manufactuerer and they are the only supplier of cast in this material, the material will last and appear fine even past this time, but may have altered in original appearance, in particular the flurescence, this is not a failure, but a change they must advise is inevitable. (is also genreally half for horizontal surfaces).

Polymeric versions (wet apply) for the "Fluro Yellow"are available on request but offer much less of a lifespan.

Contact us for details.