We are currently developing dozens of new items, and new variants, we appreciate the support of BB so far, please sign up to our email list. DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS ACROSS NSW, MAIL AND PARCELS ARE TAKING FOREVER TO CLEAR CUSTOMS AND GO ON INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS, we are sorry for the delays.


Support your club, buy here at the Boxer Beauty site and save on post by including gear from your club and include it with your Boxer Beauty purchases.

All profits go to the club for their use, club days, cruises, track meets, BBQs, anything your club decides.

If you are a club administrator, anything you will need we can help you with the costs, you sell items, you get income, we want your club to look beautiful, your boxers to look beautiful, your members to look beautiful, stickers, hoodies, Tees, keychains, hats, whatever you need. Let us help you.

We can design your gear, help you sell your gear and support you. Contact us for more details.

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