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#AWDriver Club Gear

Welcome #AWDrivers, this is your place to support your club, get your gear here, high quality decals, tees, and hoodies, the kind of gear you ca wear proudly anywhere, aytime.

The majority of the profits for sales here on Boxer Beauty go to the club, to help with crusises, BBQs and organising charitable events.

#AWDriver is an inclusive group started on the central coast in 2016 by AWD performance car enthusiasts for AWD performance car enthusiasts. We take pride in maintaining a friendly, inclusive group and despite the fact that our approach is a little different we work very hard to ensure our members are always welcome to attend the many events, offers and experiences we host for our members, affiliated groups and our extended automotive family. If you have a passion for AWD sports/performance cars, if you want to make great new friends, if you want to meet like minded people or even if you want the occasional helping hand/advice or some unique inspiration with your AWD Sports car project, click "join now" and become part of our growing community.

#AWDriver started as an idea between two mates. A name forged in our enthusiasm for performance AWD cars, designed by two creative minds and kept alive by the passion we all share. Jara Tapp and Marwin Altena only do this to be surrounded by you guys, so we thank you for your friendship and community.



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