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We are here, our wildest dreams WERE what we are heading into, yes, dream it, build it and make sure you put in 100% into it, and it will come, and we are proving that.

Here is the list of achievments I wanted to nail, that shows where we are, and will help get us in the groove:

  1. Wanted to expand the range of Boxers for the BB stable.
  2. Wanted a place to work from where we could cater better to orders.
  3. Wanted to collaborate with others to make the brand grow.
  4. Wanted to achieve acceptance and recognition of the brand and it's place in the community

The first item, took place over the past 3 years, we have 5 cars in the stable now, the Vortex Turboi is still running fine, and not worsening, but work will need to commence soon. The SVX is all good, and has been running great. The RS is now back from it's resto, and has lot of content coming, the LEVORG is still amazing, and the Fiori NEVER misses a beat, NEVER.

More cars will come one day, they are all slowly but surely showing their promise and being utilised as they were designed! Stay tuned on that, the RS has a big reveal of it's track day in late November coming!

The 2nd item, was finalised in this last year, where we saw us settling into our factory new factroy since late October, it's a dedicated place for printing and merchandise manufacturing and production, and means BB will no longer be a hobby, it is now a professional printing business.

This 3rd item, well we can't reveal today, but a MASSIVE announcement is coming soon, for now, just know, from Jan 1, we are open for business, but some items are undergoing a review, and a big reveal is coming soon.

The 4th and final item in the list, we want to hold as a permanent goal, and know we must always strive for it. We absolutely respect and love all your contact, your purchases and your support, we really do. Please tell your friends and family we are ready to print for them, shirts, stickers and more.

For now, check our Facebook for lots of awesome videos of the factory build.

Please email us for eny requests and any orders you need, we really want to see businesses and clubs and groups look at us for their printing needs.




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Sean - March 9, 2023

Hey Cameron, yes, we do have a big announcement, and that is why some items are in limbo, it should be soon, your gift card has no expiry, but send us an email we can detail it all for you.

Cameron White - March 9, 2023

Hi Sean,
When’s the big update due?, I got a voucher given for my birthday.
Alot of the gc8 items are not there anymore.
Thanks Cam.

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