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Long Time Between Posts! Update from Boxer Beauty

Long Time Between Posts! Update from Boxer Beauty

I know I regularly post on social media (far from as frequently as I should), and I post the odd email to subscribers, (far less than I hope is bothersome), but I had forgot that I can blog here on my own website!

So where is Boxer Beauty? Well, it's been quite the journey in the couple years since the last blog post! We are now about to build a mezzanine and take up residence in our own factory we purchased.

My wife and I bought a factory and while Boxer Beauty will be the No.1 focus, it is a printing (focusing on stickers) and garment printing business we will be operating, so keep that in mind if you need items for your own business!

The best part of this however is I can reduce the prices on some items, have much more freedom to create many more listings and upload and update the store with the 100s of other tems I have made for customers in the past years that have still not made their way to the store!!!

For now, I want to apologise for any tardiness in getting orders out, it's been hectic, BB is still currently a side business, and it consumes 20-40hrs a week on a good week, add to that the 20+hrs a week in planning and preparing the new venture in these past 6 months, means I have been doing 80 - 100+ hrs a week for the past 2 years, and mistakes happen and delays have occured, I often send the wrong item or fail to get stuff out as fast as I would like, and again, I apologise, I truly am sorry, I plan to make that work better and will be working hard to make all the orders go out in a timely fashion once we are up and running. AND I plan on making the postage and freight more streamlined in terms of value and consistency.

I also want to once again thank each and every customer who purchases from us, so many are so generous and forgiving, I have virtually zero complaints, and when I do, I absolutely endeavor to make sure you are more than satisfied with the solution provided.

So please bear with me and Boxer Beauty in the coming few months as I will be finding it very difficult to supply orders in a timely matter, I may even pause the store for a short while when we do the move and start the mezzanine build.

But either way, I truly appreciate the support, and thank you for your custom.

Now what about the boxers? 

  • Levorg is riding on Neomax coilovers and a new set of Falken F510s, very nice, also has a GFB Deceptor BOV and the HikeIT throttle controller, it's running great.
  • SVX is riding fine, will get a service soon. The paint ouchups are coming soon also, has all the parts now to call it a complete car, got an original cup holder recently!
  • RS is back from paint and is undergoing a serious restoration, interior and electrics and other parts, a lot of parts gathered for the handling, and planning now underway for the original motore build.
  • Vortex is still sitting idle, and needs a run, will be gathering the funds for the respray in the new year. 
  • Fiori is in dire need of a service, but still runs better than any car I have ever owned, it has been running on the same tyres for nearly 5 years! Still only $50 for 500kms!

Stay tuned guys, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know if you need anything, never far from the chat!




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