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Factory Construction has Begun!

Factory Construction has Begun!

Well we are now underway!, we have the materials onsite, the builder is underway, and we have some real progress happening fast! We are building the mezzanine, not the factory!

Boxer Beauty Factory with the 571VRG

For those unaware, we bought a factory in 2021, it was supposed to be ready in April 2022, it settled in October, and we got the keys only a couple weeks ago, we have been planning this for a couple of years, and the growth of Boxer Beauty has been great and gave my wife and I the kick we needed to go out and make a go of ourselves and our printing capabilities.

Boxer Beauty Mezzanine Build

For context, we started a company called Infinite Stickers Pty Ltd, and it trades as Boxer Beauty, as stickers is our key focus, we have some other business trading names for the clothing and a few other areas we will reveal, so while we want Boxer Beauty to be the sole focus of our business, in the meantime, we will need to make sure we have the printing and production capacity we have, fully utilised.

Boxer Beauty Printing

This means, printing stickers and clothing for local and national, and even international businesses as well.

In that pursuit, and to ensure we remain faithful to our brothers and sisters with passion for the boxer, we are aiming to assist Subaru oriented businesses as our focus for Boxer Beauty, a few of which we already support, like Subarino in WA, SubaXtreme in NSW and SubieLiftOZ in Victoria, we also have a very strong support connection with Twenty 20 Racing in Newcastle, and we have just started working with Prospeed Racing here on the Central Coast.

We aim to support as many Subaru dealerships as we can, with dealership stickers, promotional items, and anything else we can apply our talents to, we have over 30 years printing industry expertise, so we know what to do, we have worked hard to make our way to this point.

That does not mean we will not continue to support our passionate customers with their custom sticker requests and amazing ideas and designs for their personal and club requirments, we have literally hundreds of items no one but the customers who made the request has seen! Stay tuned, all will be revealed when we get setlted in! 

Boxer Beauty Announcments

We cannot thank our customers and supporters and business partners enough, and we will do our best to show you the process of our construction and move, as well as production, every step along the way that we can.

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