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Boxer Beauty?

Boxer Beauty?

It's been nearly 6 months since I first made the first Instagram post on the official Boxer Beauty Instagram account at #88boxerbeauty, here:

I said January! I have been working on this from early 2016, and it's gone way beyond a hobby, I have been involved in the Subaru car club scene for many years, and assisted many people with high grade stickers and lately garments, so I decided to make this a small business, and it is something that will grow and is here for you, passionate Subaru fans, as well as Subaru clubs. Stay tuned for more information coming on custom stickers and garments..

I/We decided to create the Boxer Beauty brand, a brand that sells both genuine and non-genuine Subaru parts and accessories, this is a brand that is as passionate as you are about your boxer, this is the place to come to find both stickers for dressing your car up, and better yet garments for you like shirts, hoodies, singlets, and dresses for dressing YOU up! And we also carry other parts as well so you can save on post, soon we will have hats, keyrings, and many other exciting products that you will love, and are great gift ideas for ladies and girlfriends who find it hard to buy for their partners!.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about specials and coming products as well as great info about what is happening in the Subaru car scene, our newsletter is going to grow and we are always keen to put info in for clubs to get word out about your events and cruises.

Also, make sure you send your best photo entries to for our monthly free T-Shirt contest, go over to our other blog post about the competition and regularly check in and email us feed back on the entries.

SO, coming soon, yes, I expect in another couple of weeks and please keep your eye out for specials too!


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