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Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018

I have had personal issues to deal with that have prevented me from fully attending to the development of my brand. Basic stuff, but all is good, and now I have and am currently adding and focusing on the site, thank you so much for the likes and subscribers that have come to see.

For those that have purchased please send testimonials and photos of your purchases.

I am hopeful I can build the brand and the sales to the pouint I can have a display and a stall at Subinats 2019, and there I want to display my Unicorn Turbo AWD 89 Vortex/XT/Alcyone and my RS is also in need of further restoration and would likely also feature.

My runabout Fiori/Rex is also needing some upgrades, that car is such a blessing!

Basically, your purchases contribute to my passion, it's a 360 win, we all love the brand, we love what it represents, thanks you for dropping by and for your purchases.

Look for the coupon for this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday special.



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