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Tuned by STI Intercooler Sticker


These are reproductions of the Tuned by STI stickers for the top mount intercoolers seen on some GC8/GF8 STI models. The plate version can be used on the rear of a vehicle as a badge.

These are available as brushed metal, and are printed with latex, these are clear laminated.

The Brushed versions are an exact replica of the product seen on original STI models, and feature the early STI motif and magenta print. The cast is smaller at 70mm and not of original design.

These are extremely accurate reproduction of the originals and would be hard to separate from the original in both execution, size and design.

Now available with an optional metal plate for a raised appearance. These will be pre-installed to the plate, but automotive double sided tape or Sikaflex will be required for installation.

Polyester brushed, printed with Latex


90 x 20mm