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Subaru STI 6-pot and STI 2-pot (Brembo) brake caliper decals (VA)


These are high quality cast vinyl brake decals for the range of STI cast 6 pot (Brembo) seen on the amazing VA STI WRX and come with the rear STI 2 pot and 4 pot rears (Brembo) calipers manufactured by Subaru and seen on GD and Liberty/Legacy tuned by STI and later models.

These are slighly smaller than the 4 pots as they sit on the flat face of the 6 pots.


Also, see here for the 4-pots:
See here for your 4 pot STI brembos


See here for the Brembo decals.


Stay tuned for other colour versions, or send an email for requests.

These utilise the highest quality Avery cast vinyl that has a high temperature tolerance, not cheapo vinyl from suspect websites, even high abuse on track days, these will stand up well, and will last years with good care.

Send us installation pics to help inspire our customers, freshly painted brakes are generally considered pornographic so please send nudes! The BB stable does not have a Brembo equipped car at the moment!