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WRX GC8/GF8 Wagon and Sedan Tailgate Stickers V2


This is a reproduction of the WRX GC8 and GF8 Wagon and Sedan tailgate stickers done in the original retro "tall" design on clear vinyl.

These came in 2 variations or styles, see Version 1 here:

We have ensured you have a wide array of options are available to you as various styles have been found in the wild, we also have options for custom colours as well.

Each of the original styles is designed for different duco colours, please observe closely the differences, the LIGHT versions are suitable for darker duco or paint colours, the DARK versions are for light paint, please take time to be sure of your required type and what will suit.

We will have a full kit for your car coming soon, which will include fog decals, and other stickers.

We have 2 sizes so be sure to select what you prefer, the larger size is closer to the original design but is a large sticker, the smaller is a more sublte size.

Choose the version that is suitable for the corner of your tailgate or for front quarter panels, or for your toolbox or even your phone, please ensure you buy the correct size.

These will look good on ANY WRX.

These stickers are an almost PERFECT match to the originals.

Polymeric clear with clear laminate 5y

UV solvent



Large is 135mm x 130mm
Small is 100 x 95mm