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World Rally Team "Swoosh" Side Pairs


Get an amazing Subaru World Rally Team "swoosh" sides pair, made from 2 coloured films from high grade Avery supercast, a full list of colours are available at this link:

Please note colours in PDF brochure are a guide, and may not meet expectations, a material sample should be seen before deciding. Some colours may not be stocked by the suppliers, we will endeavour to advise ETA in case, these will usually require some days to a week to get stock and prepare for freight or installation.

These suit almost all Subaru models for both side doors, and this style and size avoids overlapping door handles and the back qtr, a larger 3 panel version, similar to the WRC car, can be arranged.

Examples are a mix of colours for consideration.

Installation is available at Tuggerah NSW, if you have a sign shop, paint shop or want to do the install yourself please let us know.