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Subaru GC8/GF8 and GD 4-pot and 2-pot brake caliper decals

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These are high quality cast vinyl brake decals for the range of 4pot and 2pot calipers manufactured by Subaru and seen on GC8/GF8 Impreza WRX and GD WRX models.

These utilise a quality cast material that has a high temperature tolerance not cheapo from suspect websites, even high abuse on track these will stand up well, and will last years with good care.

There are a couple of options, first we have the raised front 4pots seen on the GC8/GF8:

GC8/GF8 Raised 4 pot Caliper Decals

Then we have the flat face set, that is for the smooth face versions of the 4 pots seen on the later GD models:

GD WRX Flat Face 4 pot Caliper Decals

Original Caliper Part no. is 26292FE0418A for RHS and 26292FE0518A LHS but came in red with a metallic original decal.

All 4 calipers are covered in the sets, but the rears are all flat face, just choose what combo you have and colour choice, the 2 pot rears are as below:

Small 2-pot caliper decal


Installation Notes:

The raised versions of the front 4 pot calipers have embossed 3D lettering that can be hard to apply decals too, a good smooth coat of paint will assist in every way. Ours come with a transparant application film, you can apply these decals and apply heat and a soft pressure to mold them on, but if you do intend to paint the lettering then you can use our masking template, which is available in the vinyl or the masking film, the vinyl is very sticky and high tack, the film is very low tack, this affects your experience with masking and with your approach on removal, some painters desire the masking film and remove when wet, others prefer to pull the film when the paint is fully dry and with some heat can lift the film and pick it away, consult a painter for better info.

With the masking template, you carefully apply this to fresh paint after you have thoroughly cleaned and prepared the caliper surface for the lettering paint, then apply paper around the sticky edges of the template to mask off the rest of the caliper and surrounding areas. Paint with gentle strokes of spray paint and carefully pick off the template once paint is tack dry, if you wait till it is too dry you may lift the paint from the surface or fracture the edge of the paint and it's application to the caliper. Sometimes you may need to run a sharp knife around to ensure your paint remains intact.


Paint (with template) or decal? Clear over or leave on top?

We will make a blog detailing opnions of painters, but in our experience a good solid colour all over and clear or not afterward is a starting point for all work. Then applying decals to that surface means if they get damaged or need replacing, it can be done insitu and no effect on your paint, for a real show car and a standout, sure the quality cast materials are able to be coated over with correct preparation and application.

Many thanks to few of our customers for these amazing pics, these are amazing examples of what your calipers can turn out like! Send us more if you do an install, we want to see them!