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RS Turbo Sticker Set - 2 Styles DARK OR LIGHT - 20% Off

RS Turbo Sticker Set - 2 Styles DARK OR LIGHT - 20% Off

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This is a complete reproduction SET for of the 1st Gen Legacy/Liberty RS TURBO Australian Delivered (AUDM) model. This is a discounted SET with the items illustrated and shown below, 2x boot stickers are included, a contour AND a straight edge version.

If you desire the KIT, and more of the extras at this discount see my listing for the RS TURBO Sticker KIT.


RS TURBO Set Price Discount

These can be used on any light or dark coloured vehicles but you must make a choice as to CHARCOAL OR SILVER/GREY respectively, depending on your vehicle colour.

These are a very accurate reproduction sticker in design and size and would be difficult to tell apart from the originals.

This is kit containing digitally printed stickers and coloured vinyl decals - contour cut.

These stickers are an almost PERFECT match to the originals.

Polymeric clear vinyl with polymeric laminate coating, coloured vinyl 5-7y.

UV Solvent