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RS and GT Legacy 4CAM Door Story Decals (metallic) - Pair


This is a pair of reproduction 4CAM 16 VALVE "story" DECALS in metallic vinyl, as seen on the doors of white RS-R, GT Legacy and Liberty vehicles, these can be used on any LIGHT OR DARK coloured vehicles, these will look good on ANY turbo EJ vehicle.

Gun Metal is best for white or lighter vehicles and Silver is for darker vehicles.

This is a full length vinyl cut decal as it was seen on the JDM Type RA vehicles, .

This decal is an almost PERFECT match to the originals.

Metallic 5-7y vinyl


Size is 550mm x 28mm

These are suitable for painting over with clear 2-pack paint.

Dark vehicles should choose the silver variant and light vehicles the gun metal variant.