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Leone/Loyale RX 3 Door Rear Tailgate TURBO Single


This is a reproduction of the TURBO and SUBARU stickers done in the original style with the clear vinyl and contour cut as found on the originals.

These are a set of 2, 1 is SUBARU and the other is TURBO.

Printed on clear polymeric 5 year OEM equivalent with a clear laminate and are printed with a white backing so these can be used on any LIGHT OR DARK coloured vehicles, these will look good on ANY Leone, Loyale or even XT, Vortex or Alcyone.

Seen on the back tailgate of the Leone and Loyale 3 door hardtop.

If you are aware of more colours or other variations and sizes please let us know.

This sticker pair are an almost PERFECT match to the originals.

Polymeric clear with clear laminate 5y

UV solvent

Size is 315mm x 35mm