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Handcrafterd & Tuned Late STI in Pink

Handcrafted & Tuned by STI Mylar Belt Cover Decal/Sticker

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These are reproductions of the Handcrafted & Tuned by STI belt cover stickers seen on some STI models.

These are available as mylar foil, brushed or cast, and are both printed with latex, the mylar and brushed versions are clear laminated.

The Brushed versions are an exact replica of the product seen on original STI models, and feature the early STI motif and red print.

The mylar is a mimic of the original with the late logo in pink.

The parallelogram versions are a small version of the plate seen on the Type RA WAIC of the Gen 1 Legacy.

These are extremely accurate reproduction of the originals and would be hard to separate from the original in both execution, size and design.

Mylar foil clear laminated, printed with Latex

Cast 7 year silver vinyl unlaminated


Size (varies)

75 x 13mm