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Handcrafted by STI Door Vinyl Cut Decal - Pair


This is a pair of reproduction "Handcrafted by STI" as decals (vinyl cut lettering) as seen on the doors for white RS-Type RA vehicles and can be used on any LIGHT OR DARK coloured vehicles, Gun Metal is best for white or lighter vehicles and Silver is for darker vehicles. Both designs come with pink/magenta STI logo also cut in vinyl lettering.

This is a decal (broken into parts and is applied using the application tape, with the same design as it was seen on the JDM Type RA vehicles but is a vinyl decal NOT a clear printed sticker.

This decal is an almost PERFECT match to the originals which are NLA from Subaru, the differences are minor, the STI emblem is also done in the early style as originally produced.

Polymeric vinyl 5-7y


Size is 630mm x 43mm

These are suitable for painting over with clear 2-pack paint.

Dark vehicles should choose the silver variant and light vehicles the gun metal variant.