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GD WRX STI Door Stickers - Pair


This is a PAIR of reproduction WRX and STI stickers as seen on the doors of GD WRX STI vehicles.

These can be used on any light or dark coloured vehicles, these are a very accurate reproduction sticker in design and size and would be difficult to tell apart from the originals. These would look good on any STI or WRX with STI hop up parts applied.

This is a digitally printed sticker and reproduces the decal style - contour cut as it was seen on the factory vehicles.

2 variants exist, a long thin style and the stacked shorter style, both are done with the STI leading toward the front of the vehicle/front door, the pair of stickers supplied are NOT identical and must be installed accordingly.

This sticker is an almost PERFECT match to the originals except for colour as the originals were done with a metallic ink.


Metallic versions available, silver is currently available as a seperate variant. Comes with seperate STI that must be installed in place of attached for dark paint vehicles.

Polymeric clear vinyl with polymeric clear laminate coating.

UV Solvent

Silver: Resin

Large Size is 380mm x 20mm

Small Size is 170mm x 30mm