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Brumby Front Windscreen Banners

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These Subaru Brumby Windscreen Banner stickers are great for shading your cab and that cool look that is affordable to change regularly, legal height, with full curve or straight base, for any MY Brumby,

We would like to get feedback on fugly or 1st Gen Brumby fitment, please contact us for a freeby if you can provide measurements.

Please note, if you want alternative colours they are at no charge, only the overall design and content is a custom request, if you want yellow lettering or red backjground, you can have it at no charge.

This is a digitally printed sticker that is contour cut to fit the vehicle windscreen perfectly.

Suitable for Brumby, Brat, 284, Targa, MV and Shifter.

Some of these suit the MY series Leone, a separate listing will come for the Leone soon.


Best method for sticker banners is a hinge with tape down the centre and cut off half of the backing, starting from the centre outwards, card it down or use a rage to ensure you push all bubbles out and keep the material from catching air, then lift to do the other side. Alternatively they can be done from one side and carefully ran across to the other side with a rag or a card, but may lead to more stretching or distortion.

Highly recommended to buy a card from our store for application.

Polymeric vinyl


Large Size is 1100mm x 145mm