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Brumby/Brat/MV and MY series 4WD Bonnet Badge Sticker - Domed versions available


This is a reproduction of the 4WD motif in a sticker that can be inserted into the plastic raised badge seen on the bonnet of the Brumby/Brat/MV.

We have the layered and printed versions that are useful for those without a plastic badge that was originally mounted on the bonnet, these are often lost from resprays and from damage.

We will have 3D printed versions of the badges for better original looks in future, stay tuned!

The badge version listed will fit in exactly to your original badge and looks great. We also have a layered version, that looks amazing, it has red vinyl and is very bright, the layered and printed versions DO NOT FIT the badge, only the badge versions fit.

Badge version (non-domed) applied to orignal plastic bonnet badge
* Pictured installed in a badge, badge NOT included

We now have the domed versions that will exactly replicate the original and fit inside your badge, these can be added direct to the bonnet also if the badge is missing.

These are laminated with a clear laminate for protection.

These are a very exact replica of the original item.

Mylar Foil


150 x 40mm