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Large 3D Brumby Decals - LHS Subaru

Brumby Body Large 3D Decals (pair)

Regular price $120.00 Sale

These are a pair of Brumby large side 3D shadow style decals with 3x designs, 5 year calandered vinyl (OEM equivalent) in black, and available in custom colours.

These will look good on ANY Brumby. Contact us and we can see if more standard colours will be needed, contact us for your preference we may well drop them to the standard black price.

We believe these are the best examples in the world today.

We are comitted to delivering the best and most high quality stickers and decals in the world.

Other colours can be made, contact us for your preference.

Wet apply, careful dry is advised.

Cut high quality polymeric vinyl

1500 x 185mm