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Brumby Teal & Ag-Quip Body Decals and Sets


These are Brumby side and tailgate Ag-Quip sticker and decal designs in high quality 5 year calandered vinyl, (OEM equivalent), We now have Ag-Quip sides and tailgates in the equivalent teal stripe kits, there are 88, 89 and 91 available, 92 is coming to another listing as it is a different design.

NOTE: this kit was only seen in the 91 versions, it is now customised to be for 88 and 89 and 90 (not pictured) these are NOT OEM repros, 91 is an OEM repro.

Side Stripe Sets are the pair of stripes only, Side Stripe Full Sets will include the 4WD pair as well, and the Complete Set includes all items for a whole vehicle including a Tailgate decal.

We believe these are the best examples in the world today.

We are comitted to delivering the best and most high quality stickers and decals in the world.

Teal stripe versions have a small white element in the stripes, this is grey backed (as pictured) which blocks the colour of your dark vehicle to prevent the white being shaded by the car's paint colour. If you have a dark or red coloured Brumby then make sure to note in the checkout and we will include the white with blockout, otherwise grey is the usual colour.

These will look good on ANY Brumby.

Other colours can be made, contact us for your preference.

These stickers are reproductions of OEM designs.

Wet apply, careful dry is advised.

Cut high quality polymeric vinyl

Large 360 x 80mm
Small 150 x 25mm