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XT/Vortex/Alcyone USDM Model Designation Tailgate Sticker


These are the model designation stickers for the XT in the US domestic market, these are applicable across many models but only the US carried these designations.

Make your tailgate look nicer with the awesome linetone design of the GL-10 (top of the range) GL and DL model designations.

USDM XT DL Model Tailgate

Of the GL versions, 2 are available, as we have seen versions where they were cut and the linetone was bled off the edge of the sticker, (see closeups) and the most common is where the sticker edge has a clear contour past the print. Let us know what you prefer, you will get the clear edge by default.

Black versions avaialbe, silver/grey versions for dark paint incoming.

Polymeric clear with clear laminate 5y

UV solvent

GL-10: 200 x 30mm

DL & GL: 100 x 30mm